Leashes of Valor is a non-profit organization founded in May 2017 by Dozer and Axel LLC.  Our three founders:
Danique Masingill, Jason Haag and Matt Masingill are all United States Military Veterans with over 40 years combined service. All bring a unique and different perspective to Leashes of Valor,
of which has led the organization to become a highly successful qualified Veterans service


We provide task trained service dogs that are public access ready to veterans dealing with PTSD, TBI or MST at no cost to the veteran. We also provide an Emergency care grant called Dust Off for working dogs.


We rescue dogs and train them at our facility to become Service dogs. Through the application and interview process we derive the necessary tasks to train for a specific dog to mitigate the veteran’s symptoms and assist in their daily life. The 16 day residential program at the ranch is designed to train the veteran on the use of their service dog, conduct tasks for public access and to instill the foundation of their bond. The dog has received all public access and task training prior to the veterans arrival and pairing, so the two-week program is solely for the veteran to focus on their training. The success of this training methodology is based on the peer to peer aspect, in which the veteran is immersed in a small unit of veterans that have been through or are simultaneously going through the training. This is all made possible by generous contributions from our donors, to ensure no veteran has to incur costs in order to receive their service dog.