What We Offer

Leashes of Valor offers a succinct 16 day, intense, in-house service dog program, specifically developed to achieve the vital training and bonding necessary to make our Warriors successful. Through industry experience, we know that many warriors struggle to transition to civilian life, but through our condensed program we will give access to a service dog program that will be truly life changing. These service dogs are provided at No Cost to the Warrior.

Leashes of Valor will have the privilege to train these warriors as peers, in an environment in which they can feel safe and confident to address their recovery as a team. They will be afforded an environment in which they will feel familiar and in which military culture will be respected in a nostalgic sense to allow for a strong training platform.  The focus of Leashes of Valor will be on the Team/Group vs. Individual training aspect, and ensuring each warrior achieves a comfortable balance, allowing them to remain mission focused, train as part of a team.

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You can fill out the warrior application and return it by mail to the following address:

Leashes of Valor
24114 Sparta Rd
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