About Our Adoption Program

Rescuing dogs is the essence of our program. We ensure these incredible dogs are given a second chance at life and most will go on to graduate as a Service Dog. However, in some instances, our shelter dogs are unable to graduate and must be adopted out of our training program to loving homes. This happens for a variety of reasons, such as:

  1. They do not have the temperament to become a service dog
  2. They may be timid, easily distracted, or unable to resist chasing the occasional squirrel
  3. Their veterinary exams indicate they cannot complete service dog training and graduate to help our Warrior in the long term.

All dogs that enter our program receive a second chance at life. Consider making a difference by adopting one of our rescue dogs.

Interested in adopting? Please contact us for details.

Adoption Protocol

We request an introductory conversation with our K9 department, before scheduling a meeting with the dog instead of a full application.

Visit with the dog you are interested in getting to know (if multiple people are interested in the same dog, there may be some wait time)

If you like the dog – fill out an application!