Captain Jason Haag USMC (Ret.)

CEO & Founder


Jason Haag is retired Marine Corps Captain, who served 13 years on active duty, before being medically retired after numerous combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan. Captain Haag served 6 years as an enlisted and after his deployment to Baghdad for the invasion, he applied to Marine Enlisted Commissioning Educational Program and completed his Bachelors of Science Degree in political science, resulting in his commission in 2007. Captain Haag spent the next 7 years as a Logistics Officer. Captain Haag received a Navy Unit citation and a Navy Commendation Medal after he served two active combat tours in Iraq during his years of service: Baghdad

in 2003 and Fallujah in 2008, as well as a tour in Afghanistan in 2010. After sustaining a machine gun injury and multiple traumatic brain injuries during service, Captain Haag struggled with the after effects of post traumatic stress disorder.

In 2012 Captain Haag contacted an organization that provides warriors with service dogs. Within 7 months of applying Captain Haag  was paired with his post-battle buddy and lifesaver, a service dog named Axel.

Since experiencing the firsthand benefits of service dogs, Captain Haag has toured the country, educating policymakers, warrior organizations and warriors on the importance of service dogs for military warriors. He has been featured on over 50 news outlets including CNN and FOX News, and has been invited to speak publicly at The University of Mary Washington, Quicken Loans National benefit for the Tiger Woods Foundation,  the first reading of the names of the fallen from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Run for the Fallen, Ft. Campbell, VA, North American Veterinarian Community Expo, as well as Congressional briefings.

Captain Haag has played an integral role in the creation of new laws  regarding the acceptance of service canines in public establishments in Virginia and Florida. Captain Jason Haag’s mission is to be a living representation of an active combat warrior who has overcome the debilitating effects of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI) with the help of a service canine. By sharing his personal journey with military warriors, policymakers, press, and the public, Captain Haag seeks to give a voice to the community of warriors suffering in silence, and to provide a beacon of hope that post 9/11 military warriors can live a life that is whole and free of fear.