Leashes of Valor is a non-profit founded in May 2017 by Dozer and Axel LLC.  Our three founders: Danique Masingill, Jason Haag and Matthew Masingill are all United States Military Veterans with over 40 years of active service between the three.

All three Founders bring a unique and different perspective to Leashes of Valor, all of which has led the organization to become a highly successful and uniquely qualified Veterans service provider.

In just over the past three years, Danique has become a powerful influence within the warrior and working dog communities as an advocate. Danique

previously served with organizations and large non profits and has extensive experience in program development, fundraising, and management in the nonprofit sector. Danique not only brings her own military experience to her work, but also leverages her perspective as a warrior and military spouse; her husband, is a 20 year retired Navy Warrior. Danique’s expertise is recognized within the community. In 2015, the Jacksonville Business Journal named her a Veteran of Influence, and she has served as an industry expert on panels ranging from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), to service dogs, military spouse issues among others.

A special program at Leashes of Valor is “Dust-off”, an Emergency grant program, providing funds and equipment to working dogs. Danique adopted a retired Military Working Dog, MWD Ben A015 in 2006, while stationed with the K9 unit at Naval Station Mayport, FL. Her bond with MWD Ben and the medical struggles she faced with Ben after his retirement cemented her commitment and dedication to the working dog community. Ben crossed the Rainbow Bridge cradled in Daniques’ arms and surrounded by his fellow K9 teams from the region. Naval Station Mayport held a K9 memorial service for MWD Ben with full honors at the Base Chapel. She credits Ben with saving her life and in return she is committed to helping these amazing K9 veterans.

Captain Haag has played an integral role in the creation of new laws regarding the acceptance of service canines in public establishments in Virginia and Florida. Captain Jason Haag’s mission is to be a living representation of an active combat warrior who has overcome the debilitating effects of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI) with the help of a service canine. By sharing his personal journey with military warriors,

policymakers, press, and the public, Captain Haag seeks to give a voice to the community of warriors suffering in silence, and to provide a beacon of hope that post 9/11 military warriors can live a life that is whole and free of fear.

Over the past five years, Matt Masingill has become very active within the Warrior Service Dog industry and had previously served with organizations such as K9s for Warriors. He has extensive experience in program management and development, training and pairing service dogs with warriors, and had graduated from TAV’s dog behavioral psychology trainer academy. He has acted as the lead Warrior trainer with over 200 Warrior K9 teams graduating and recertifying under his leadership. Matt not only brings his own military experience to his work, but also leverages his perspective as a warrior and military spouse; his wife is a Navy Warrior.

His expertise is recognized within the community and he has served as an industry expert on panels ranging from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), to service dogs, as well as First Responder training for PTSD and Service Dogs. Matt himself has been paired with his Service Dog Dozer for 4 years. In his youth, Matt attended Carson Long Military Institute and after graduation joined the US Navy. Throughout his Naval career he worked as an Instructor and mentored junior sailors and now through his work with service dogs, he continues to give back to his fellow warriors.

As a group of disabled Warriors with service dogs who have served this nation both in uniform and at home, we know first-hand about the challenges associated with the transitioning civilian life. At Leashes of Valor our mission is to ensure that every Warrior receive a top quality trained service dog to assist them in mitigating their symptoms from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury. Our solution is based on the quality of training when the service dogs leave our program to go work with their warrior.