Frequently Asked Questions




I have a dog and I need or want it trained as a service dog / therapy dog…

ANSWER: We don’t take Owner Dogs. Our dogs are chosen specifically for the program and paired based on compatibility after successful completion of their training. Please reference our Application Process Video now.


Is there a cost to attend, what costs are involved, such as travel to and from program?

ANSWER: there is no cost to the veteran to attend the program, room and board are covered for the 16-day residential program, travel is usually requested through another organization such as Veterans Airlift command or Angel Mercy Medical Wings.


My name is John Doe. A veteran I met on a x-Facebook Page/Group, he told me about you. I'm a disabled Veteran from x-military branch with Combat PTSD, I have been looking for a service dog to help me. I also have slight anxiety issues too. I do sleep with a CPAP too that I would need my service dog to help monitor if I rip off the mask in middle of night due to a nightmare. Would you be able to help at all? Any feedback would be great.

ANSWER: Dear John Doe, we will be happy to send you an application to review and fill out to apply for our program. Our dogs are certainly trained in nightmare interruption and we can discuss realistic needs and expectations available through our program. Please contact for further questions. Attached please find our application and reference our Application Process Video which covers the majority of questions regarding our process.

To whom it may concern, My name is John Doe , I am a 21-year old Veteran from x-branch, my doctor suggested I go through you for a service dog. I have a letter from him. Not really sure where to start all help appreciated. V/R

ANSWER: Dear John, please find attached an application to fill out to apply for our program. Please print and send by mail with the requested additional documents. Once you have had a chance to look over the application we can schedule a call to answer questions or concerns you may have.


Hello! my name is Jennifer and I am contacting you in regards to your adoption process. I am researching the process for a dear friend of mine who is looking to adopt a rescue dog. Can you tell me what the process involves?

ANSWER: Are you inquiring about adopting a dog that fails out of our program.? The rescue or owner has the first right of refusal if a dog washes out of the program. Fosters and Volunteers as well as interested parties will request forms to adopt one of our dogs and each is a case by case basis depending on the circumstances of the training issue. No dog is returned to a shelter.


Can I drink and smoke during the program?

ANSWER: The 16 day program is a mandatory aspect of LOV, drug and alcohol free program

May I come and go as I please and have guests?

ANSWER: There is no guests or liberty time during the program

What types of dogs does Leashes provide?

ANSWER: We provide custom task trained  Service Dogs, public access and ADA compliant

What are some ways I can support LOV?

ANSWER: local, volunteer, amazon, sharing of information, social media message, youtube, in kind goods, meals and groceries, dog supplies and event support on rare occasions, fostering.

I Want to do something at my company

ANSWER: We have small business giving programs, Corporate Social Responsibility plans in place for corporations who are looking to partner with a reputable non-profit organization

I want to donate a dog to the program ( breeder, owner, other rescue)

ANSWER: A: We take dogs that are less than 3-yrs old, in overall good health, HW neg, no chronic or genetic conditions, no dogs considered on the “dangerous breeds” list, and a full  temperament assessment will be required. Please contact K9 at