“My son was a combat Marine who deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq. Volunteering with groups that help Veterans was very important to me, and when I heard about Leashes of Valor, I fell in love. I’ve been fostering dogs for close to two years. Right now, I have my 15th, Tesla. She is a unique situation. She was part of a police working dog training program. She did not have the drive for that field of work and is so affectionate. Now she has a place in our program, and she’s doing great.

“I’m retired, so I can work with the dogs all day long taking them places. I don’t have children at home but I have chickens, cats, horses. They’re exposed to church, which is really loud, and we have a shooting range in our backyard. The next house they go to might have little kids, so they’ll get used to what life is like with little ones. We want the dogs to experience every kind of environment.

“One of the great things about LOV is when you hand over a dog, they give you a new one. It’s like being a teacher. You have a group of kids for a school year, you love them to pieces while you’ve got them, then you start over again. We adore Tesla. She never leaves my side. But I’ll be excited for her to take the next step.”