“My father served in the Army and is a Vietnam War Veteran. We know the after-affects of trauma firsthand. When a friend asked if we’d ever thought of fostering for Leashes of Valor, I talked to my husband and daughter. Our 15-year-old dog had just passed away, and we decided we wanted to get a dog of our own first. But it just sat on my heart. So I lovingly convinced my family. The rest is history.

“We got Typhoon in May. We’re brand new to this, but it has been extremely rewarding. It’s teaching my 11-year-old daughter discipline, sacrifice and responsibility. It’s brought my family closer together. It’s a puppy. It’s work. But when Typhoon gets a command down, or if we walk in the door and he’s running and his tail is wagging and he’s slobbering all over you, that’s the best feeling in the world.

“People ask, ‘Aren’t you going to be sad when he goes?’ Well, yeah. But he’s going somewhere to help someone be happy. I’m a health and wellness coach. That’s the end goal. That’s the best feeling.”