However you decide to give, you will be helping to change two lives


If you are looking for ways to help make a difference by donating your time, taking action, and actively participating in the Leashes of Valor family, you are in the right place.

Please take a look at the list below of all of our current volunteer opportunities.

“MRE” Meals Ready to Eat
This program allows you to help support our Warriors while they attend training at Leashes of Valor. Our Warriors know too well the comfort of a home cooked meal. Our MRE program allows volunteers to drop off prepared meals to our Warriors on campus. This program is ideal for professionals, who love to give back, but have busy schedules.

On-site Opportunities
We are always looking for qualified volunteers to help us with any of the following on-site activities:
• Dog care and enrichment
• Office help
• Special projects
• Group volunteer days

Off-site Opportunities
We are always looking for qualified volunteers to enhance the mission. Here are remote opportunities to support our cause for your consideration:
• Fostering on weekends and holidays
• Special Event Thank You Correspondence
• Project Research
• Community Outreach Fundraiser
• Charity Classic Golf Sponsorships


To learn more about any of our volunteer opportunities or to get started,
please complete the form below and someone will be in touch soon!


Leashes of Valor offers a range of programs, events and activities that provide meaningful opportunities for corporations to engage their employees and help support US veterans, including:


To learn more about the ways in which your company can help support veterans, review the list below for some ideas and then contact us by completing the form at the bottom of the page.

Dog Sponsorship Program

Save the life of a shelter dog and invest in the future of a military hero by sponsoring the training of a service dog; a lifesaving and essential tool in each Warrior’s life-changing road to recovery.

Small Business Sponsorships

We love our small business supporters and we are so grateful for your desire to help our Warriors and shelter dogs. Our team will work directly with you to create a strategy that helps support our mission as well as your own.

Customized Corporate Sponsorships

Leashes of Valor will work directly with your team to build a meaningful campaign that will benefit the lives of Veterans and shelter dogs while reflecting your company’s commitment to social responsibility to your employees and your customers.

Leash Holder Program

Our Leash Holder Program makes it simple and convenient for organizations to easily provide sustained support for our mission of saving lives and building futures. With your recurring monthly gift, you will get priority placement for upcoming volunteer opportunities.
How it works:

  • Your monthly gift will be charged automatically every month on or near the same day every month
  • Since donations are processed automatically, you never have to renew anything or deal with any paperwork

One-time Donations
One time corporate donations go a long way towards helping us to cover our costs so we can continue to provide our Warriors with lifesaving service dogs, free of charge.

Host a Fundraiser
You can make a difference in your community and in the lives of shelter dogs and warriors by hosting a community event. Lead the charge by organizing anything from a lemonade stand to a fun event like Paws and Pints, adventure races, shooting competitions etc. The sky’s the limit. And we would be happy to help you with the planning!

Employee Giving Drive
Social responsibility can be so engaging. Give your employees a chance to get creative and competitive all the while raising money for something that makes a difference in your community and saves the lives of Warriors and shelter dogs. Engage employees through giving events such as casual days, department competitions, holiday-giving drives or similar activities.

In-Kind Donations
Our Warriors and shelter dogs have a wish list of items they depend on for a successful completion of our program. Your generous support allows us to ensure these Warriors have all of their needs met and can receive a quality trained service dog free of charge to them. Here, you will see what your donation will provide to our programs. We can accept goods of pantry items, dry goods and safe dog toys like Jolly balls and KONG toys. Every little bit helps!


Leashes of Valor uses primarily shelter dogs for our
service dog program, but we will accept owner surrender
dogs on a case by case basis.


If you are interested in donating a dog please complete the form below to contact our K9 Director and we will be in touch to learn more.



It requires a tremendous amount of supplies for us to keep our warriors and service dogs in training fed, healthy, comfortable and happy. In-kind donations are one of the easiest ways for us resupply on training treats, dog food, toys, and other essential items we use on a daily basis.

Donating items from our Amazon Wish list is a great way to support us, veterans and the dogs and make a tax deductible gift.

Gift Cards
Donations of gift cards for grocery stores, restaurants and other public places are also greatly appreciated as they helps us cover the costs of training our dogs in real life social settings.

Other Items
Our facility can always benefit from in-kind donations big and small, ranging from vehicles, to renovation materials and fencing. If you have items to donate that you think would be of use, please contact us and let us know!

Delivery Address
All approved items can be dropped off or shipped to the following location:

Leashes of Valor
24114 Sparta Rd
Milford, VA 22415