11 year old Mya Outlaw is loving being a LOV Foster Angel to Margaret, one of the M.A.S.H. puppies we are shaping to become a LOV Service Dog for a veteran who needs her special skills! Margaret is one of three puppies that were named the M.A.S.H. trio after the hit T.V. show called M.A.S.H that aired on CBS in 1972 and that won a Peabody Award in 1975. Margaret, is named after the lead actress from the show Margaret Houlihan. Margaret’s brothers who you’ll read about soon enough are Hawkeye and Radar!

Here are 3 things we’ve come to learn and love about puppy Margaret:


  • She loves to snuggle!

  • She has a foot fetish!

  • She is good in the car and never gets out of her puppy car-seat!


Her training videos are becoming quite popular on YouTube, check her out and be sure to check back for more fun facts about Margaret’s progress:-)

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