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Moab Up Close

Jimmy & Moab were united this Fall at the Leashes of Valor ranch. Jimmy, from Richmond VA
sought a service dog for the ability to accomplish daily public necessities.

When the two met for the first time during the beginning of Autumn, there was an immediate connection. Jimmy was attached to the 2nd Light Armored Reconnaissance (LAR) Battalion in the Marine Corps, Jimmy’s background and life experiences required specific training for Moab to meet Jimmy’s needs. The most important thing by far in this process was the connection between the two.

Moab was an owner surrender and his personality was unequivocally made for service dog life. He has been task trained to Jimmy’s specific alerts to include nightmare interruption and other mobility tasks.

Moab, a two-year-old happy-go-lucky Chesapeake Bay Retriever was a natural fit for Jimmy. Eager to please, lovable to the core, it was the type of training that kept improving daily as their bond grew.

Be sure to follow their LOV Story here and on all our social channels as they continue their life-long partnership!



Last year we began our first-ever virtual fundraiser called LOV WINS. Our goal was to empower a pay-it-forward cycle in any giving amount right from their mobile phones. Today we’ve received over 1,000 text donations from people making the LOV WINS pledge from all over the country including Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Massachusetts, North Carolina, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Utah, and Virginia to name a few!  This October we rekindling support again. Now through the month of October 31st, when you text LOV WINS to 804.258.1822 from your mobile phone in any amount your contribution goes toward supporting veterinary care, nutrition, medicine and facility care of a service dogs journey with their warrior. Our program is of no charge to our post 9/11 warriors who need a service dog and so every contribution counts. Make yours today and share your support with friends! 

A #1Leash2Lives Member Sparks A 22 Day Challenge

Eddy Perez took National Suicide Prevention month by storm when he rallied dozens of co-workers, friends and family to join him in raising awareness for veteran suicide. For 22 days, individuals came together to share video posts on LinkedIn, the largest professional network with over 5.5million accounts to date. Eddy encouraged his team to share videos of each person doing 22 push-ups to raise awareness and circled back to providing the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255 in his posts.

The list of participants and engagement in the 22 Day Challenge including but not limited to: Suha Zehl, Ray Ramsey II, Michelle Travis, Jim McCulley Jr., Julian Sado, Dana Abernathy, Sherylyn Asch, Jean Bradley, Stephanie Holdsworth, Eric Mille, Jayza Ayala, John Ritz, Brian Coughlan, Brigitte Kaliszewski, Umair Alam, Devon Bevis, Justin Meier, Jonathon Tallinger, Stephen-Michael Washington, Ron Duranti, Brian Vieaux, Steven Hernandez, Deborah White, Whit Nichols, Eric Paramo, Jason Barnard, Anne Brennan, Christine Beckwith, Eric Christensen, Eric Skates, Omama Marzuq, Ryan Anderson, James Hooper, H. Jack Miller, Herbert White II, Megan Bennett, Diego Miguel Sanchez, David Porter, Shad Hammond, Gregory Gunn, Ed Jeffry, Kelby Johnson, Len Patton and more.

As a #1Leash2Lives Leash Holder Member, Eddy has made a big impact raising awareness for this national crisis of veteran suicide and supporting the Leashes of Valor mission.  We are unbelievably grateful for his unwavering support and dedication. Thank you Eddy!

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