‘A Great Reminder of a Community Working Together’

When Brittany learned about Leashes of Valor’s mission providing service dogs to wounded and disabled veterans, she knew it was something she wanted to be a part of. Her husband is an active-duty Marine who has served multiple combat deployments. They’ve also seen how a service dog helped a close family friend and fellow service member who suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Brittany, her husband, and their two young sons have opened their hearts and home to service dogs in training, exposing them to family life and vital public access training. While all the LOV they pour into these animals will one day help improve a veteran’s life, fostering a future service dog has also benefited Brittany and her family in ways they couldn’t have imagined.

When her active-duty husband had to resume more traveling, “I had to stop working. I’m a nurse. I love to help people. Her first foster dog “gave me a sense of purpose. He taught me patience and persistence.

“My kids come to a lot of the group trainings and we get to see all the other dogs and fosters once a week. It motivates us to keep doing our best to prepare these dogs for their job. Being part of the LOV community … is a great reminder of a community working together to make the world a better place!”