‘I Can Relate to Wounded Warriors’

After being diagnosed with a rare degenerative retinal eye disease called macular telangiectasia that currently has no treatment or cure, Lisa wanted to get involved with a service dog organization to get a better understanding of how it all works.  

“My vision will continue to deteriorate to the point that  I will no longer be able to read, drive, or make out faces of my loved ones,” says Linda, who retired from the Marine Corps as a civilian. “I can relate to wounded warriors who have post-traumatic stress disorder or traumatic brain injuries in the sense that our wounds or our internal struggles cannot be seen by the outside viewer.

“Seeing firsthand how service dogs give back life, freedom, confidence, and love to their person really comforts me,” she says. “I find it so rewarding to help train and foster these very wonderful, special animals. To play a small role in shaping these young pups to become service dogs, and to know how special they will be in the life of their warrior, is the greatest reward.”