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The Walshes

'They Are Going on to Bigger and Better Things' The first time she saw Grace’s photo, Megan Walsh was smitten. And she knew she’d found what she and her husband, Justin, had been looking for—a way to give back to the veteran community as a family. Fostering service dogs in training also seemed like a way to honor Justin’s father, who served in the Navy and... Read More

Cynthia’s Story

'I'm Just Having a Lot of Fun' The loss of her Chesapeake Bay retriever a few years ago left a huge hole in Cynthia’s life. But as a retired math teacher and mom of grown children she loves to visit—including a daughter who lives overseas—Cynthia decided it was best not to get another animal. “It was hard. I love dogs,” she says. Then Cynthia learned about... Read More

Brittany’s Story

'A Great Reminder of a Community Working Together' When Brittany learned about Leashes of Valor’s mission providing service dogs to wounded and disabled veterans, she knew it was something she wanted to be a part of. Her husband is an active-duty Marine who has served multiple combat deployments. They’ve also seen how a service dog helped a close family friend and... Read More

Linda’s Story

'I Can Relate to Wounded Warriors' After being diagnosed with a rare degenerative retinal eye disease called macular telangiectasia that currently has no treatment or cure, Lisa wanted to get involved with a service dog organization to get a better understanding of how it all works.   “My vision will continue to deteriorate to the point that  I will no longer be... Read More

The Dunnivan Family

'It Gives Us Such a Sense of Purpose' The Dunnivan family never expected to say goodbye to their beloved Labrador and welcome a 10-week-old puppy into their home—all within a matter of hours. But when that’s what happened, Lisa Dunnivan had to believe things were happening just as they were meant to. After applying—and being accepted—as a foster family, the... Read More

Cheryl’s Story

'They Are Taking That Love to Their Veteran' When Cheryl learned Leashes of Valor was her new neighbor, she knew it couldn’t be a coincidence. She had wanted to get involved with our nonprofit for years after following another volunteer’s journey fostering future service dogs. She started volunteering as a puppy snuggler in March, helping care for dogs in the... Read More

Derrece’s Story

'Making a Difference Makes the Sadness a Little Easier' "My grandfather served in the Navy in World War II. I spent a great deal of time with him, and we were really close. When he came home from war, he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He re-lived his combat over and over. It finally took his toll, and he took his life when I was in college. I know how real it can... Read More
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