Foster LOV

Nicole’s Story

"After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, my grandfather, just 16 years old, dropped out of high school to join the Marines. Not once did he ever speak of the war. It wasn't until he was diagnosed with dementia that he described hallucinations that we could only assume were connected to his time in World War II. "My grandfather was one of seven boys. All of them joined various... Read More

Stacey’s Story

"We knew about Leashes of Valor, but it wasn't until the pandemic hit last March that our lives slowed down enough to become fosters. We got our first puppy, Gordy, on Cinco De Mayo. As soon as he was old enough for a vest, we took him everywhere. Right now, we have Patton. When we go out, people ask us if it's an LOV dog. They say they can pick them out anywhere because... Read More

The Julian Family

"My grandfather was an Army ranger captured while fighting in Africa in World War II. He spent time in Germany as a prisoner of war before he escaped and fought in Italy. After the war, he used his GI Bill to go to the University of Georgia and veterinary school. He helped raise my brother and me, so we heard stories all the time. We had tons of animals around the house. My... Read More

Karen’s Story

"My son was a combat Marine who deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq. Volunteering with groups that help Veterans was very important to me, and when I heard about Leashes of Valor, I fell in love. I’ve been fostering dogs for close to two years. Right now, I have my 15th, Tesla. She is a unique situation. She was part of a police working dog training program. She did not have... Read More

The Battles Family

"Chesty came to us last fall. He was our first LOV foster and the perfect dog for a Marine Corps family like ours. My husband spent 16 years as a Reservist and was active duty for eight of those years. Now he’s a combat artist in residence at the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Quantico. I’m a teacher. As a foster, I feel almost that same sense of responsibility:... Read More

Jennifer’s Story

"We have a soft spot in our house for animals. When LOV was getting new puppies about a year and a half ago, my friend Karen, who also fosters with LOV, said you should really bring a puppy home. She knew exactly who to ask. We’ve had six dogs so far. They’re such good puppies. They just aren’t the same as regular puppies. There is something super-special about them.... Read More

Derrece’s Story

"My grandfather served in the Navy in World War II. I spent a great deal of time with him, and we were really close. When he came home from war, he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. He re-lived his combat over and over. It finally took his toll, and he took his life when I was in college. I know how real it can be. "My husband is a history teacher, and his grandfather... Read More

Melissa’s Story

“My father served in the Army and is a Vietnam War Veteran. We know the after-affects of trauma firsthand. When a friend asked if we’d ever thought of fostering for Leashes of Valor, I talked to my husband and daughter. Our 15-year-old dog had just passed away, and we decided we wanted to get a dog of our own first. But it just sat on my heart. So I lovingly convinced... Read More
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